Tandatangan meminta sokongan untuk kuil Persatuan Penganut Sri Kanathall Ampang Selangor untuk mendapatkan tapak baru

We are the Management of the Sri Kanathall Tasek Permai Ampang Selangor Believers Association have been temporarily relocated to the current location if we have given way to the SUKE Highway which is running next to it. Now that the project is almost complete, we hope to get a better place. All of our prayers and activities are ideal from 2019 to the present.

1.Year of Tiruvilla

2. Addi Massam Prayer

3. Navarathiri Prayer (10 days)

currently we only praywe did it with only 2 people because the space was dirty, untidy, the streets were unbalanced and dark at night.

Also there is no seat to work.

We must stand up and do all the prayers.

And also a foul smell, lots of mosquitoes and snakes. We need a clean place around it so that our gods can deity to settle down and we can workship.

We pray to God for a calm mind in and out so that the environment must also be clean and safe.
Therefore, we need all your support to help us enter in this form is actually not a petition to get support from all the gods around this Sri Kanathall Ampang Selangor Believers Association to get a new place.

1.Your Name

2 Address

3 Phone

Thank You.

may God Bless everyone

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